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Certification Process

THE Qualitas certification process is briefly described below:


Information regarding the business activity, number of manufacturing or service locations and offices, type of certification required and number of employees. This is communicated to your nearest QIC (Qualitas international Certification Ltd. UK) office so that a competitive quotation can be prepared for your review. Please "click" on the "Request Quotation" button on the Menu Bar if you require us to prepare a quotation for you.


Upon receipt of the required information we will prepare a competitive quotation for your review, the quotation is usually valid for a 60 day duration which may be extended by mutual agreement. Once the financial part is agreed and you have communicated your agreement to us we can then arrange to schedule a convenient date for the Initial Audit (this is also sometimes referred to as the "Initial Assessment" or "Initial Certification Audit").


Prior to the Initial Audit, we will request you to send us various documents (such as your Quality Manual) so that your quality system can be reviewed and we are able to determine that your quality system, as described in the documentation, is complete when compared to the requirements of the Standard. If we identify any areas of concern we will contact you for clarification.

PRE-AUDIT (If Requested)

A pre-audit is an optional extra which can be carried out to assist you in determining the status of your Quality System and the readiness of the system for the Initial Audit by Qualitas International Certification. If a Pre-Audit is requested then it is also possible that the Document Review process could be performed at the same time if so desired. The size and complexity of your processes will determine the amount of time required for the pre-audit but, typically, one to two days is sufficient for this activity. Upon completion of the pre-audit you will have a much better indication of the readiness of your Quality System and be able to plan the date for the Initial Audit accordingly.


The Initial Audit at your manufacturing or service location(s), sometimes referred to as the "Certification Audit" or "Initial Assessment", is carried out on dates which have been agreed in advance and by Auditors whose names have been advised to you in advance. If you have any concerns regarding any of the Audit Team members you are able to request an alternative prior to the Initial Audit / Assessment. During the Audit of your Quality System the Qualitas International Certification Auditors will maintain regular contact with your staff to keep them informed of the audit progress as well as any nonconformities discovered or concerns that may have arisen so that additional information or clarifications can be obtained. Upon completion of the audit, a closing meeting will be held with your nominated representative(s) to discuss the outcome of the audit and to advise you of any nonconformities (if any) or irregularities that require corrective actions to be taken.


Any detected nonconformities in your Quality System, i.e. areas which did not meet the requirements of the applicable ISO / AS / QS or VDA Standard, need to be corrected before your certificate can be issued. In most cases we will require that you send confirmation of corrective actions to us to confirm that the agreed actions have been performed. In the case of serious errors we may have to revisit your manufacturing or service location to confirm that all the requested corrective actions have been carried out.


As soon as all nonconformities have been resolved then Qualitas International Certification is able to commence processing of the required documentation and approve the issue of your accredited certificate. Qualitas International is a multi-accredited, truly international Certification Body / Registrar and calculated to be within the top Certification Bodies / Registrars world-wide. Your "Qualitas" certificate will therefore be recognized on a global basis and provide instant recognition of your status as a properly certified ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001:2004, AS 9000, ISO 3834, HACCP, QS 9000 or VDA 6.1 (as applicable) or OHSAS 18001 (BS 8800) Certified company. OHSAS = Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series.


All companies certified to the ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 3834, HACCP, AS 9000, QS 9000 & VDA 6.1 and similar internationally recognized Standards are required to be audited on a regular basis to ensure that their Quality System continues to meet the requirements of these Standard. All elements of the appropriate Standard are audited within a period of three years. We will propose dates for each Surveillance Audit at least 4 weeks before the audit and our clients are requested to either confirm these dates or to propose alternative dates. A Surveillance Audit activity program including the elements to be audited will be sent to you so that all of your personnel / departments involved in the Surveillance process can make arrangements for the audit. Upon completion of Surveillance Audits we will hold a Closing Meeting with you to discuss the results and provide details of any nonconformities (if any) which were detected.