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HACCP/ISO 22000 & Halal Accreditation

Food Safety has become a worldwide concern. The devastating impacts a food borne illness outbreak can have on not only lives, but on businesses and countries economics, have been well documented.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world fall ill as a result of food poisoning and each year food companies pay out millions of dollars in compensation and suffer immeasurable damage to their business reputations.

It is now generally accepted by legislators, enforcement officers and food professionals that a formal, structured HACCP/ISO22000 system is the most effective way of managing and controlling food safety hazards in the preparation and handling of food and food products.

In recognition of this, QIC has developed its own HACCP standard, using the basis of the Alimentarius CODEX, and also incorporating specific requirements from FDA, WHO, and other internationally recognized organizations.

This standard forms the basis of our certification, and carries the accreditation of RvA, the Dutch National Accreditation Body, well known for taking the lead in Food Safety HACCP/ISO 22000 certification schemes.