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London - N1 7GU - England

Message from the President

I am delighted that you are thinking about joining Qualitas Academy (UK). We have a team of specialist staff who take great pride in ensuring that you receive the individual support necessary to help you succeed and in return, we expect students to work hard and take an active part in our academic and cultural activities.

Life at Qualitas Academy (UK) is both hard work and fun and our students play a significant role in the school life, from organizations of international activities, to students who work with us on a day to day basis, keeping the views and needs of students at the very top of our agenda.

There are so many opportunities for you to consider and this website gives you a glimpse of the different vocational choices available.

You may notice that our e- Learning and Online approach is to promote academic and career choices and provide you with impartial advice and guidance to help you explore the options available.

When you have decided on your goal, we will then guide you to the qualifications and courses that will help you to achieve.

If you decide to join us, I want to assure you that we will do all that we can to help you have an enjoyable, rewarding and successful experience that will equip you for the world of education and work.


Our Professional Development Programs :

1. Programs for early-in-career professionals

Qualitas Academy (UK) offers early, in career professionals and recent university graduates the opportunity to build necessary skills such as Quality Management, TQM, ISO Standards, Auditing, Inspection, QA/QC, leadership, time management, conflict management etc.

2. Institutional development programs:

Each company, culture and industry has unique training needs. Qualitas Academy (UK) offers Professional Development Programs tailored to your company's learning needs. After an assessment period, Qualitas Academy (UK) determines your company's key points for improvement and prepares a program for your company. Modules may include:

  • Leadership
  • Relationship Skills
  • Team Work
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Managing change and Quality Management
  • Delegating for productivity
  • Running effective management and ISO 9001 Certification

3. Professional Development Program Certification for Teachers

Qualitas Academy (UK) provides Academic Teachers and Trainers with quality education products and Quality Education Management Certification in cooperation with Swedish and British specialists Professors/Trainers as well as the Best Sweden Universities.

We at Qualitas Academy (UK) Gave a special attention to the Arabs Countries Student Education need.