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Our Professional Management Training Programs

Qualitas Professional Accredited Training Programs & Diploma. We develop your team around the world, just contact us for technical & financial proposal.

QIC-T1. Accounting Skills for New Supervisors .
QIC-T2. Advanced Project Management .
QIC-T3. Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer .
QIC-T4. Advanced Writing Skills .
QIC-T5. Anger Management - Understanding Anger .
QIC-T6. Budgets and Managing Money .
QIC-T7. Building Relationships for Success in Sales .
QIC-T8. Building Your Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills .
QIC-T9. Business Ethics for the Office .
QIC-T10. Business Etiquette - Gaining That Extra Edge Course .
QIC-T11. Business Leadership - Becoming Management Material .
QIC-T12. Business Succession Planning - Developing and Maintaining a Succession Plan .
QIC-T13. Business Writing That Works .
QIC-T14. Call Center Training - Sales and Customer Service Training for Call Center Agents .
QIC-T15. Change Management - Change and How to Deal With It .
QIC-T16. Coaching - A Leadership Skill .
QIC-T17. Communication Strategies .
QIC-T18. Conducting Effective Performance Reviews .
QIC-T19. Conflict Resolution - A One Day Primer .
QIC-T20. Conflict Resolution - Dealing With Difficult People Course .
QIC-T21. Conflict Resolution - Getting Along In The Workplace .
QIC-T22. Conquering Your Fear of Speaking in Public .
QIC-T23. Controlling Anger Before It Controls You - A One Day Primer .
QIC-T24. Creating a Dynamite Job Portfolio .
QIC-T25. Critical Thinking .
QIC-T26. Current Project Management Techniques to Increase Effectiveness - A One Day Primer .
QIC-T27. CRM - An Introduction to Customer Relationship Management .
QIC-T28. Customer Service Training - Managing Customer Service .
QIC-T29. Customer Service Training - Critical Elements of Customer Service .
QIC-T30. Delegation - The Art Of Delegating Effectively .
QIC-T31. Developing Your Training Program .
QIC-T32. Diversity Training - Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace .
QIC-T33. Dynamite Sales Presentations .
QIC-T34. Effective Planning and Scheduling .
QIC-T35. Emotional Intelligence (One Day) .
QIC-T36. Employee Accountability .
QIC-T37. Employee Accountability .
QIC-T38. Facilitation Skills .
QIC-T39. Generation Gap - Closing the Generation Gap in the Workplace .
QIC-T40. Getting Stuff Done - Personal Development Boot Camp .
QIC-T41. Getting Your Job Search Started .
QIC-T42. Hiring for Success - Behavioral Interviewing Techniques .
QIC-T43. Human Resources Training - HR for the Non-HR Manager .
QIC-T44. Intermediate Project Management .
QIC-T45. Inventory Management - The Nuts and Bolts .
QIC-T46. Leadership Skills for Supervisors - Communication, Coaching, and Conflict.
QIC-T47. Lean Process Improvement .
QIC-T48. Marketing and Sales .
QIC-T49. Mastering the Interview .
QIC-T50. Meeting Management - The Art of Making Meetings Work .
QIC-T51. Motivation Training - Motivating Your Workforce .
QIC-T52. Negotiating for Results .
QIC-T53. Core Negotiation Skills - A One Day Primer .
QIC-T54. NLP Tools for Real Life .
QIC-T55. Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming .
QIC-T56. On-boarding – The Essential Rules for a Successful On-boarding Program .
QIC-T57. Orientation Handbook - Getting Employees Off to a Good Start .
QIC-T58. Overcoming Objections to Nail the Sale .
QIC-T59. Performance Management - Managing Employee Performance .
QIC-T60. Problem Solving & Decision Making .
QIC-T61. Project Management Fundamentals .
QIC-T62. Project Management Training - Understanding Project Management .
QIC-T63. Prospecting for Leads like a Pro .
QIC-T64. Public Speaking - Presentation Survival School .
QIC-T65. Public Speaking - Speaking Under Pressure .
QIC-T66. Risk Management .
QIC-T67. Safety in the Workplace .
QIC-T68. Secrets of Change Management - A One Day Primer .
QIC-T69. Selling Smarter .
QIC-T70. Skills for the Administrative Assistant .
QIC-T71. Stress Management .
QIC-T72. Stress Relief and Stress Reduction - A One Day Primer .
QIC-T73 . Survival Skills for the New Trainer .
QIC-T74. Creating a Top-Notch Talent Management Program .
QIC-T75. Team Building - Developing High Performance Teams .
QIC-T76. Building Better Teams .
QIC-T77. Telemarketing - Using the Telephone as a Sales Tool .
QIC-T78. The ABC's of Supervising Others .
QIC-T79. The Minute Taker's Workshop .
QIC-T80. The Practical Trainer .
QIC-T81. The Professional Supervisor .
QIC-T82. Time Management - Get Organized for Peak Performance .
QIC-T83. Tough Topics: Talking to Employees about Personal Hygiene .
QIC-T84. Train-the-Trainer - Inspire, Motivate and Educate - A One Day Primer .
QIC-T85. Using Activities to Make Training Fun .
QIC-T86. Working Smarter - Using Technology to your Advantage .
QIC-T87. Workplace Harassment - What It is and What to Do About It .
QIC-T88. Workplace Violence - How to Manage Anger and Violence in The Workplace.
QIC-T89. Writing Reports and Proposals .
QIC-T90. Conference and Event Management .